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Welcome back to Philip James Travel!

Please accept our apologies for being away for the last couple of weeks; I hope you didn’t miss us too much!  The world marches on and we all must play our parts.  Our part at Philip James Travel is to make the art of traveling well an integral part of life for those who wish to enjoy the greater world outside our tidy homes.  When we last met, we promised to bring you a new and fun tool from our partners at Virtuoso; it’s called Wanderlist and it has been created exclusively for use by clients and friends of Virtuoso travel advisors.

I’m happy to announce the release of this new version of Wanderlist that can be a fun, free way to create and share travel wish-lists. I believe this is very timely as we encourage everyone to keep dreaming of travel.  We’ve already planned a few of our own dream-worthy, post COVID-19 trips!  Here’s how this simple program works:

  • Open the invitation link below and create your own account.

  • Virtually roam the world in one click.

  • Save your favorite destinations and experiences to one or more travel lists you create.

  • Share your lists with friends and family, and invite Philip James Travel to view your ideas. 

Now, while so many would-be travelers are at home, inspiration and dreams are the first steps to encourage future travel.  Wanderlist provides a fresh start to understanding where you want to go and what you want to do in a post-pandemic world.  These Wanderlists create the perfect opportunity for us to connect with one another about your future travel dreams.  

As you go through the tool, keep in mind that Wanderlist is not an itinerary builder or a booking device, nor does it list specific hotels or other travel suppliers, and it does not offer any pricing.  It is simply an inspirational device to get your travel juices flowing and to help you see what you want from travel.  And lastly, the only way we at Philip James Travel will know about any of the trips you create is if you specifically choose to share them with us – which of course we encourage you to do! 

Play around with it and have fun creating dream-inspired trips, and then please share them with us so we can talk about how to make these a reality when the time is right.  We hope you will enjoy it and we look forward to seeing your dream trips!  

Thanks as always for taking a moment to visit us here at Philip James Travel.  Please contact us with any questions or travel items of interest you might like to discuss.  And remember that borders divide us, but Travel Unites Us.  Stay well; and keep your travel dreams alive!  

Philip -


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