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Travel Resolutions 2021

I wish you all wellness in this still new year! I see signs of both encouragement and caution, and commend to you the importance of self-care and care for one another by being safe. I am grateful for your audience and look forward to welcoming you each week to my little travel shop to talk about my findings and my outlook, and what inspires me.

This week I was inspired by an article from a trusted travel journal editor and friend who writes for a publication that is geared toward travel advisors. The gist of the article was to elicit one’s Travel Resolution for 2021. As many know, this is just about the time of the new year (mid-January) that so many noble resolutions begin to recede from our routines if not totally dropped.

Well, unlike weight loss or exercise resolutions that come with combined requirements of sacrifice and motivation, making a Travel Resolution allows you to set and pretty easily achieve a resolution that is forward-looking, positive and, pain-free.

It’s becoming clearer that even with vaccine distribution ramping up, and the probability of a world with no travel restrictions inching (or maybe milli-metering) closer that we will still have considerable travel impediments to circumnavigate over the next few months.

But that doesn’t and shouldn’t stop us from setting resolutions related to how we will move forward when we do hit the roads, skies, seas, or rails in 2021. Here are a few ideas that I like:

Travel more in 2021 than in 2020. (That ought to be a slam dunk!)

Keep calm, be patient, tolerant, and kind, and know that there will always be jerks around us. Rise above their behavior and lead by example.

Be generous to the travel industry workers who welcome you to their destinations and serve you. They make up one-tenth of the global workforce and they have missed you immensely, and they are grateful to see you!

Spend some quality time thinking about your bucket list of places you’d like to experience. And use the Wanderlist tool to help you. Then let me know about them.

Be informed. Work with a travel advisor. Call him and just talk travel. You’ll be glad you did.

Speaking of being informed, the CDC issued a new Order that takes effect on January 26th to help curb the spread of COVID-19 from travelers entering the US. This new order requires all incoming travelers (including US citizens) originating from destinations outside the US to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 viral test to their airline that has been taken within 3-days of their travel date. Failure to provide test results and positive tests will result in boarding being denied. For FAQs on this new order click HERE. Stay tuned, I think there will be amendments to this in the coming weeks.

Wishing you happy and responsible travels in 2021; Cheers!

Destination Inspiration: CROATIA



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