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Travel is an Investment – Protect it!

My paternal grandfather, Philip James (how about that for a name?!?!), was an attorney who represented a variety of insurance-related interests, and my maternal grandfather owned a small insurance adjusting firm, and my wife’s parents both worked in different spectrums of the insurance industry. All this is to say that my family are firm believers in the importance of purchasing protection for our lives, our homes, and possessions, and now in my new profession, I am a huge proponent of protecting travel with insurance as well.

Have you ever waited in an airport for luggage that didn’t arrive with you, or miss or cancel a trip because of something unforeseen? Think your health plan has enough coverage if you become ill during your trip? Read the fine print to see if it covers you once you leave the 48 contiguous U.S. states. Spoiler alert: it probably doesn't! Besides flight and luggage delay, trip cancellation/delay and medical/accident coverage, a travel insurance plan can also cover pre-existing medical conditions and go the extra mile to help you and your loved ones in an emergency. There’s even such a thing as "cancel for any reason" coverage!

Life does happen, and it’s not guaranteed to go perfectly at home, so why think nothing could go wrong just because you packed a bag? 

Your vacation is an investment, and you should protect it. Purchasing travel insurance protects your money, protects your time and preserves the excited anticipation of your trip. Knowing you’re covered should give you peace of mind if anything unexpected occurs. I'm not talking about the insurance an airline or your credit card will offer you. Instead, third party travel insurance that covers the entire amount of your trip is the best way to make sure you're covered if something goes wrong.

I partner with several travel insurance specialists to offer you options that give you peace of mind and support you if the need arises. Hopefully, nothing will go wrong before or during your next trip. But if it does, you'll be very glad you have travel insurance. Call or email me when you're ready to book a trip - with peace of mind!

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