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The World Will Shine!

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Welcome back to Philip James Travel!

Over the last 20-plus weeks of producing an online newsletter, I have intentionally steered away from promoting individual supplier partners, such as tour operators, cruise lines and hotel brands.  This is because I don’t want this space to become cluttered like the internet with a barrage of advertisements and myriad promotional offers.  But yesterday while reading an online travel trade publication, I came across a brief article and accompanying video that struck me.  The words and images are ones that I really connected with and wished to convey to you.  It comes from a tour operator that I will recommend when the time is right. 

The remainder of this newsletter is borrowed from an article in Insider Travel Report about GLOBUS family of brands. 

Globus family of brands has launched a new inspirational 90-second video aimed at inspiring travel to its destinations after the crisis has passed. “For those of us in the travel industry, it might feel like the world has been turned upside-down,” Globus said. “Cruise ships have docked. Airplanes sit empty on runways. Hotels are quiet. Life has shifted and changed, and it is not business as usual.”

“What we do with this unprecedented ‘time-out’ matters,” Globus continued. “For all of us. And at this moment when it feels like everything around us is at a standstill, one thing we know—without question and with our whole hearts—is that dreaming doesn’t stop.”

“So while we can’t currently help travelers see the grand pyramids of Giza, we can encourage them to envision their grandeur,” Globus said. “While we can’t guide them down the cobblestone alleys of Rome, we can invite them to flip through their journals and take a stroll down memory lane. And while we can’t sail them down the blue waters of the Danube just yet, we can share images that help their minds drift there.”

“Our guests, like all of us, maybe temporarily relegated to armchair travel, but they are still travelers,” Globus said. “And like the geysers of Yellowstone, the steeples of Europe, and the peaks of the Andes, we will rise to lead them across the globe, when the world is ready for us. Until then, we have put together this video to remind our travelers—and our travel advisor partners— that their hearts, and their minds can still go.” 

If you’re interested in learning about GLOBUS family of brands, let me know and I will be happy to explain their products and offerings around the world and to see if they might fit your personal travel needs and style.

Thanks to those of you who took my very brief survey last week.  Since I didn't get a lot of responses, it’s not quite enough of a sample to report the findings…. yet.  So, if you’d like to complete my survey, here’s the link.  At most, it might take 2 minutes of your time. 

Thanks for tuning in once again, and remember that we’re all in this together, and I am here for you.  Keep your travel dreams alive, and stay well.

Philip -


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