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The Joy of Travel as a Gift

Ho, ho ho!  As we continue to trek our way through the holiday season, we are all bombarded from every direction for our attention, well, just count me in as one of those bombardiers!  I’m now coming to your inbox on a regular weekly basis seeking your attention, and hopefully, in return, you're gaining some knowledge and gettting inspired by the world of travel.

Since this is a season of giving, and you’ve still got 2-weeks of shopping before Christmas, I thought I’d share with you a few tips about giving travel to those you love this year.

Don’t plan a full trip for someone else.  Giving a trip is great, but planning travel is a very personal experience for many people, and they want to be involved in the selection of travel dates, destinations, hotels and activities.  Imagine if someone gave you their ideal trip, instead of your own hand-crafted journey?  The sentiment would no doubt be very appreciated, but the experience really needs to be shaped by the traveler.  Maybe, think instead of giving your loved one the name of a trusted travel advisor, and perhaps pay his planning fee upfront as a starter? 

Gift Certificates sound great, but be careful.  GCs from airlines and hotels can be very restrictive, and will often expire before the recipient can realistically redeem them.  Instead, if a loved one has an upcoming dream-worthy trip, think about working with their travel advisor to arrange a super special experience during their trip…. Maybe an exclusive behind the scenes tour at the Vatican, or afternoon tea with a countess in the salon of her Scottish castle?  

Or being slightly more practical, consider supplementing a trip with add-ons that travelers on a budget often skip—namely private car services and nicer hotel rooms.  These can be an ideal present for any traveler. After all, the ease of stepping off a plane only to see a well-dressed stranger holding a sign with your name on it is pretty much priceless.  

Whatever you might decide to give (or perhaps you need some suggestions), bounce the idea off someone who knows what’s available and more importantly, what’s advisable.  I’ll be more than happy to assist you!

Philip -



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