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Take a Little Trip!

Welcome back to Philip James Travel!

I hope that your 2020 is easing into place and that even if you don’t have any specific resolutions written on paper or in your mind, you still have time.  Statistically, of the 65% of people who make new year’s resolutions, most promptly abandon them by January 12th – so there are a few days left to get resolved and then quit!  Seriously though, whether you have “resolutions” or just dreams for your new year, I hope you consider travel as one of them.  A big vacation is great, but sometimes a short getaway is just what you need.

Late last week, Susan and I made the time to get away for just one-night to our favorite little B&B in one of south Louisiana’s nicest little towns, St. Francisville.  The Gardener’s Cottage at the Shadetree Tree Inn has been a go-to haven of ours for almost 20 years, and we have loved it more and more each time.  It’s always been the spot for simple rejuvenation and reconnection.  These are 2 of the most important reasons to travel.  Taking short, inexpensive and dare I say “DIY” trips can be just as rewarding as a chock-full international itinerary.  (But please don’t give up on the big trips and the need to work with your trusted travel advisor!  I’m available as a resource to you, big or small.)

I continue to wish us all a year full of Joy, Wonder and Discovery!

Philip -


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