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Self Booking... with Benefits

Welcome back to Philip James Travel!

As you may have noticed, my weekly electronic newsletter has been coming into your inbox a bit less than weekly, so if you’ve been missing it; thank you, and sorry!  Or, if you appreciate the break, you’re welcome! Things around my office have actually been quite busy despite the reality that very few people are traveling, or if they are traveling, they’re doing the sort that they can pretty well manage on their own, DIYing it, shall we say.  So, in that regard, the contents of this week’s newsletter ought to provide some of you with a great new online booking engine that can benefit us both!

Did you have fun playing with the Wanderlist tool I shared with you a few weeks ago?  If so, great!  And if you haven’t, I invite you again to do so when you’re ready; click the Wanderlist link below.  And now the tool has added some new features, including Virtuoso’s collection of over 1400 preferred hotels around the globe, so I suggest playing around with it again and simply having some fun creating some cool trips!  It’s a great interim way to help keep the travel dreams alive and to inspire you.  As you create a trip, keep in mind that it is an opportunity to create a general trip idea rather than a detailed itinerary.  When the time is right, if you’ll share your trip(s) with us, we’ll help curate the details.

As mentioned above, we’ve got another piece of travel technology for those times when all you need is a hotel that you can and would like to book yourself.  You can browse and book hotels online via my private label website on (link below) at your convenience – and what’s more, you’ll receive all the benefits you would get if I booked your travel - including full service, preferred rates, and exclusive amenities.  And once you make a booking, the information comes directly to me so I can follow up with you about additional services or whatever else you may need!  It’s perfect for last-minute getaways, weekend breaks, or other short trips!

I’m sure once you try it, you’ll agree you get the best of both worlds; the ease and convenience of online booking – plus the value and VIP treatment I'm sure you'll appreciate!

Of course, this doesn’t change any of the services I already offer. I’m still available in-person to book hotels and take care of your other travel needs.  Just know you now have access to this VIP online hotel booking option now, too.  Have a look.

Inspiration:  Last week Travel + Leisure magazine published its annual World’s Best Awards 2020, and in keeping with this week’s hotel booking engine spotlight, it’s impressive to note that of the world’s top 100 hotels, more than two-thirds of them are Virtuoso preferred hotels!  In addition to the Top 100 hotels, there are also many other categories of World’s Best from which to find dream-worthy inspiration.

Thanks as always for taking a moment to visit us here at Philip James Travel.  If you’d like any help with either of the Virtuoso tools we’ve presented you with here, please contact us with any questions.  Join us in keeping your travel dreams alive!  

Philip -


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