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RRReady for some Structure and Recalibration?

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Welcome back to Philip James Travel

With the onset of voluntary/mandatory self-isolation, I have found myself, in the midst of my regular work-related tasks, learning some new things and participating in some really interesting webinars.  Much of this has been and will continue to be in an effort to brush up on my craft (not just destination information), but to work on mindset and business acumen as well.  One of the webinars I participated in this week was focused on structure and recalibration, and I thought it worthwhile enough to share with you in this space.  

The webinar focused on several Rs: REFRAMING (our language), RECLAIMING (our structure), and REINVENTING (our routines).  I found this to be a useful and practical REMINDER that during times of disruption (let’s dump the word “crisis” shall we?) we’re on a roller coaster going from comfort to abrupt change, and for a little extra anxiety toss in a few frightful turns!  And as with so many things right now, we best serve ourselves when we RESPOND rather than REACT to these changes and fears.  No doubt there will be more ups and downs and sharp turns as this roller coaster continues, but we should take heart and remember that all rides come to an end.

The first thing we should do is to thoughtfully choose the words we use daily so that we’re speaking about our situations from as positive a perspective as we’re able.  Then comes the fun part: make a list of all your daily tasks (i.e. your structure) and include each of your work must-do’s along with everything in your personal life as well: health, nutrition, wellbeing, family and social connections.  Now designate what gives you energy on your list and what consumes your energy.  Label each task that gives energy with  “E”, and what drains you with  “D”, and label  “N” for anything neutral.  And lastly, rearrange your daily schedule to prioritize the draining activities for those times during the day when you have the most energy.  Once you’re drained, treat yourself to one of your energizing activities, and hit the road again.  That’s basically it, but as with all new ROUTINES in your life, you’ll need to RECALIBRATE from time to time based on what works and what doesn’t.

What I’ve described above is not exactly travel-specific or travel inspiring, but I do think it’s a beneficial exercise that anyone can apply to their lives to help function as well as possible until the roller coaster circumstances in which we find ourselves.

For a little bit of destination fun, the next time you find yourself on Zoom for a meeting, and if it’s appropriate, feel free to use one of these background images to show your friends and colleagues where you wish you were. 

Destination Inspiration: Experiencing Austria Virtually

We’re all in this together, and I am here for you.  Stay well and keep the travel dream alive.

Philip -


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