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Now's the time!

Welcome back to Philip James Travel!

Now is the time to take stock in how you will command your future.  Our collective present remains foggy, as does the near term, but looking deeper into the future we trust that there will be better, brighter, and less-restrictive days when we can once again take to the skies and oceans, rivers and mountains, deserts and glaciers, monumental cities and quaint villages.

Now is the time, I suggest, to plan and even book your vacations in 2021 and beyond.  We’ve talked about keeping the dream of travel alive for many weeks, and hopefully, your inspiring dreams have brought some concrete travel ideas to your consciousness.  Let me help you build out those ideas into itineraries that will give you something to really look forward to.

Now is the time when many preferred travel vendor partners have curated special offers that add extra value and take some of the pre-trip anxiety away, by allowing you to book now with significantly enhanced flexibility as it relates to deposits and cancelation policies.  

Now is the time, given your own personal and family circumstances, to consider your _cation.  Borrowing from “staycation”, if you’ve opted for your kids to distance-learn from home this semester, and you’ve got the flexibility to work remotely, how about going away somewhere and spending a few weeks on Schoolcation or Workcation for a change of scenery during the week and then have your staycation on the weekends.    

Now is the time to consider the newly revived experience of traveling the US (and maybe one day Canada too) by RV.  The trend grew exponentially this spring and summer, almost out of control, but now would be the time to look at this kind of road travel for next year, allowing the right amount of time and preparation to make for an incredibly memorable journey.

Now is the time to pop the cork once again.  I won the 2020 Travel Advisor of the Year award from ASTA (American Society of Travel Advisors) at their annual Global Live conference! Truth be told, this year the Travel Advisor of the Year Award was dedicated to all the ASTA travel advisors who spent their time, money, and effort ensuring that their clients made it home safely during the COVID-19 crisis.   “As the national trade association for the travel advisor community, ASTA brings together all segments of the industry and strives to promote excellence within the trade,” said ASTA President & CEO Zane Kerby. “We’re pleased to use the occasion of ASTA Global Live to lift up those professionals and companies who are making lasting and meaningful contributions to the travel industry during the most difficult times in our history.”

Now is the time for…

Special Offer – Buy One Get One Half Off (BOGOHO) on Hurtigruten (exploration cruising).  This offer is only available when booked through a travel advisor, and must be made before October 31st for select cruises to Alaska, Norway and Antarctica that sail between January 2021 and December 2022.  Enjoy a Worry-free cancellation policy for all new bookings for 2021 and 2022 voyages

Destination Inspiration:   Alaska

Travel Tip: Before air travel, take a picture of your luggage and your luggage tags, and attach them to an email draft, that you can have on hand to send to an airline in case your luggage doesn’t arrive with you.

Thank you once again for allowing Philip James Travel to be welcomed into your inbox.  If you find any of the contents above worthy of further exploration, I heartily ask you to contact me.  Now is the time to stay safe, well, and kind, and keep dreaming of (and start booking) travel. 

Philip -

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”

Attributed to Saint Augustine of Hippo (350 - 453 AD)


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