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Making Tracks!

Welcome back to Philip James Travel!

It’s been a busy week.  We hosted our first Preferred Partner Webinar (SeaDream Yacht Club), and on the personal, family side our Andrew semi-welcomed a set of railroad tracks in his mouth!  Dental braces are of course common and necessary in the life of a young teen; they are an aid to steer those chompers to be nice and straight, so that they’ll have less trouble in the future.   Similarly, the travel industry is getting some braces now to ensure that when travel resumes outside our bubbles, we have the right tracks to guide our journeys and keep us safe.

The American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA) urged government leaders and the CDC this week to step up to remove barriers to reopening cruising.  The association is asking for proper, rapid testing as well as a face mask mandate and the removal of the ‘No Sail Order’ for cruise ships.

Coming soon.  Rapid COVID-19 tests with results in less than hour to give travelers quick assurance that they have the green light to travel with confidence.  As I’ve mentioned before, this kind of vetting process makes so much more sense than keeping whole nations from traveling because of the passport they possess.  Let the well people go!

Good news arrived on the domestic travel front this week.  Hawaii announced that it will be reopening to visitors from the US mainland on October 15th if travelers can provide a negative result from a COVID-19 PCR test within 72 hours of arrival.  Hello paradise; goodbye 14-day quarantine.  

Back to the tracks.  This week I’m sharing with you a great partner and one that provides “Truly Moving Train Journeys” through the Canadian Rockies.  Travel to Canada currently remains off-limits to Americans, but when Rocky Mountaineer rolls on the rails again in April 2021, the breathtaking natural beauty between Vancouver and Banff will come alive for those onboard.

Preferred Partner Spotlight – Rocky Mountaineer

Destination Inspiration:            British Columbia and Alberta

Lastly, in keeping with the Track reference, Andrew has been running on his school’s cross country team and participates in his first meet tomorrow.  Won’t you join us in wishing him fleet feet and a great race?

Thank you once again for allowing Philip James Travel to be welcomed place into your inbox.  If you’re inspired by anything here, let’s talk about it; shall we?  Now is the time to stay safe, well, and kind, and keep dreaming of (and planning) travel. 

“Do not dare not to dare.”

C. S. Lewis, British Novelist and Lay Theologian 1898-1963

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