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Inspiring and Puzzling

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Welcome back to Philip James Travel!

We are pleased to be back with you for another opportunity to share the world of travel with you.  This week, our newsletter isn’t about the state of the travel economy, but instead, it’s a brief reflection of the past week and a few links to some inspirational places that we’ve recently seen and really liked that you might consider – for when travel is realistic for you.  The truth of the matter is that this has been a hard week for us for a variety of reasons.  Metaphorically, some of our puzzle pieces just won’t fit into place, and some pieces are hiding.  History tells us that stepping away for even just a brief period and being quiet will give us the patience we often need for a new perspective, and enable us to uncover those pieces that were right in front of us all along.  Even now as we see increasing signs of hope and rejuvenation in our pandemic world, these improvements are being overshadowed by civil discord across our nation. As we first work towards understanding and then onward to solutions, we thought that we’d keep this week’s newsletter brief in words, and provide you with some clickable links that we hope you’ll find destinationally inspirational.


Destination (Cape Town)

Escorted Tour (Backroads)

Next week we are planning to dive a little deeper into Virtuoso and show you a brand new and really cool system that has been developed to start you on a “big picture” planning journey to help you discover where and how you (and anyone who travels with you) can develop your “Wanderlist”.  We can’t wait to share this fun new tool with you!

Thanks as always for taking a moment to visit us here at Philip James Travel.  We wish you a safe journey wherever life is taking you, whether home or away. Please contact us with any questions or travel items of interest you might like to discuss.

Remember that borders divide us, but Travel Unites Us.  Stay well; and keep your travel dreams alive!  

Philip -


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