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He waka eke noa

Welcome back to Philip James Travel!  (To find out what He waka eke noa means… read on!)

Despite the last several weeks flying by, and with little time to devote to my newsletter, our pandemic world continues to lead us on a corona-coaster ride without any true end in sight.  Hope, however, is not lost.  Good news seems to be around the bend as it relates to vaccines and treatments, and for those who’ve remained dutifully in-place at home, there remain alternatives to the traditional vacations that would have otherwise occupied the summer and fall months.  There are staycations and virtual trips, and for those wanting to put miles on tires, one can still hit the old haunts of the Florida panhandle and the mountains of western North Carolina.  But for everyone, until there is a better time to travel abroad, I continue to promote the idea of dreaming of travel as an exercise to feed your soul.  To dream this way takes neither specific travel dates nor budget, just the willingness to put your imagination to work.  And when you strike the chord that stirs a desire to experience a new culture or place, I then invite you to share that with me so that we can see how and when to make that dream come to life.  I’ll mention Wanderlist to you again as a fun tool to play with, to help your creative travel juices flow.

And speaking of toys to play with, I’d like to share with you a cool “Treasure Box” that a family travel-focused preferred partner of mine called, Family Twist, has created for this period when travel to Europe is not presently feasible.  The Treasure Boxes are a fun way in which families with young children can share special moments together by building interest and excitement in foreign destinations by becoming aware of new cultures. With this new familiarization, the intention is then to take this at-home experience and to plan (with me and Family Twist) a trip to the actual places when the time is right.  Click here Treasure Box for more information.   Special pricing is available until September 15th.

To continue bringing you engaging content, I am going to begin hosting some webinars in the coming weeks and months, partnering with hand-selected vendor partners, whom I think you will enjoy.  The first of these will come in a couple of weeks on Tuesday, September 22nd at 5 o’clock CDT when I welcome SeaDream Yacht Club to share some insights on what makes this small cruise line stand apart.  Be on the lookout for additional details, including a GoToWebinar invitation to join us.

Wrapping things up, I’d like to provide you with some destination inspiration… the great island nation of NEW ZEALAND.  There’s a very fitting indigenous Maori proverb that I used at the subject line of today’s newsletter, “He waka eke noa” which simply translated means, we are all in this together.  And that is the truth.

Thank you for allowing Philip James Travel to come into your inbox and for sharing in our travel dreams.  “Kia kaha”!  (Stay strong)

Philip -


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