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Happy Birthday, Andrew!

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Welcome back to Philip James Travel!

Today is not a day to write about travel per se but to celebrate 13 years of life of our youngest son, Andrew Wade James!  Today is the day that Andrew will be able to legally ride in the front passenger seat of a car.  Today is the day that Andrew finally gets the “teen” added to his age (though he’s acted the part long before today)!  Yes, today is a special day, and it’s one we’ll celebrate in ways unlike his previous 12.  Right now he’s mulling over take out tonight from Gallagher’s Grill or The Shack in Covington.  In the meantime, however, he’s got some 7th-grade distance learning to do from the kitchen counter.  

In honor of Andrew, we’ve decided this week to let him have the spotlight on where he wants to travel when the world opens up again.  So, here’s his bucket list:

  • Camp Country Lad, Monterey, TN

  • Yosemite National Park

  • Safari in Africa

  • Hawaii

  • Rome

  • Australia

Thanks for reading our newsletter once again, and please join us in wishing Andrew a wonderful birthday, with many happy returns of the day.  And if you any of want to travel to any of his bucket list places, you’re welcome to take him (and Susan and me) along!

Keep your travel dreams alive, and stay well.

Philip -


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