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Happy Anniversary Us!

Updated: May 21, 2020

Welcome back to Philip James Travel!

Well, since we spent last week’s newsletter addressing our son, Andrew’s birthday, we might as well keep it personal by wishing ourselves a happy anniversary!  On this day twenty-seven years ago, (which was quite rainy), Susan and I were married, and we gratefully remain so on this very happy return of the day.  When the world opens up again, we’ll venture out to have a celebratory dinner someplace where we’ll neither have to cook nor clean!  But until then, we’ll dream about places other than home.

And just as we did last week with Andrew, we’ve decided to share with you our own abbreviated wish list of places we’d like to travel to celebrate our anniversary, and all other aspects of our life, and to experience this wonderful world:

Susan’s List

Philip’s List

Thanks as always for taking a moment to visit us here at Philip James Travel.  And if you’re interested in these or similar trips or destinations, we’re always happy to assist you.  

And by the way, whichever trip wins, we're going together!

Keep your travel dreams alive, and stay well.

Philip -


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