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Does It FIT?

Welcome back to Philip James Travel!

As I’ve said before, booking travel online can be confusing if not overwhelming, and you sometimes just need help sorting things out to get a better understanding of the choices in front of you. Over the next couple of e-newsletters, I’d like to break things down a bit and explain what the different types of travel are. I’ll begin with a travel term that you might not have heard of before… FIT.

Getting very basic, we have two general types of travel, on one hand, we have individual travel and on the other is group travel. Today we’ll focus on Individual travel, and though it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re a solo traveler, it just means that you’re not part of a larger group. Individual travel can easily include traveling with your family or a few friends without it being classified as “a group”. We often abbreviate this kind of travel as “FIT”, (foreign independent travel). But just in case you’re wanting to stay closer to home, we can plan domestic FITs as well – they’re not all foreign!

From my perspective as a travel advisor, it means that I will work with one or more vendors to customize a seamless and coherent travel experience for your vacation based on my conversations with you. Your FIT itinerary could include everything from flights to airport transfers, hotel reservations, tours, meals, spa treatments, etc. Or if your needs are more open-ended, I might just book your hotels and transfers, and you handle the rest on the fly. Either way, I want you to be comfortable in the planning and execution of your trip.

Whether I source and price your FIT itinerary a la carte or bundle the components into a package, I will offer you the best possible options given the parameters and goals of your trip along with your intended budget. If you can fit me into your plans, I can plan your FIT. Won’t you give me a call?

Philip -


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