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Ask for Help!

Welcome back to Philip James Travel!

Has this been another fun week, kids?  For me personally it has been fun both literally (a really good live webinar on Tuesday with a great vendor partner, AmaWaterways), and facetiously with a certain young, red-headed teen who lives in our house and tests our will.  Some of the things that can make our lives fun (however you define fun) are the changes that are either thrust at us or that we intentionally seek out each day.  These changes require us to reframe our thoughts, our actions and our attitudes.

If we were kindergartners, we would be better equipped to deal with change and with uncomfortable situations, and we would likely have better outcomes than those of us who pretend to be adults.  Why?  Because young children don’t fear change like we do.  Everything is new to them, and they don’t have the baggage of having to feel like they have all the answers.  They know what they don’t know – which is basically everything.  Then as adults when we know what we don’t know, we don’t do what children do.  When kids know they can trust someone, THEY ASK FOR HELP!  Novel idea, right?

Look around, and I’ll bet you’ll find that the wisest, most secure and happiest people you know ask for help!  It’s one of life’s hardest lessons to learn, yet it’s one of the simplest to correct.

Travel is one of those things in this age of instant knowledge where anyone can learn and book any kind of experience all by oneself.  But is that the wise thing to do?  I suggest to you that indeed it is not.  Especially not in this incredibly complicated pandemic world in which we live. 

Ask for help.  Ask me for help.  Ask me anything about travel.  And guess what I’ll do?  I’ll both tell you what I know, and for what I don't,  I’ll ask my colleagues and destination experts for their help!  We all need help.  We just need to be reminded that it’s okay to ask for it. 

May I now ask you for a simple bit of help?  Will you please send me a note whenever convenient to just say hi or to tell me what you’re thinking as it relates to travel, or to let me know that you receive these newsletters and enjoy them.  Thanks! 

Destination Inspiration: Budapest, Hungary

Preferred Partner Spotlight: AmaWaterways

Special Offer:  Because of my agency’s affiliation with Virtuoso and my preferred relationship with AmaWaterways, my clients are entitled to up to $300 per stateroom shipboard credit on over 60 AmaWaterways cruises.  And from now through October 26th, I can also offer you $100 per person savings on any new booking that is confirmed and deposited.

Travel Tip: If you want to keep up with the latest information on what countries and US states are open or closed and what the testing and quarantine requirements are, look no farther than the Dragon Slayer app. 

Philip James Travel is grateful for your interest in travel and in this newsletter.  I welcome any questions and feedback.  Stay optimistic.  


Optimism vs Positivity

Optimism is different than positive – and it’s definitely not naive. Optimism is the belief that the future is positive, that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and we’re heading there, together

Simon Sinek, British-born American Author and Motivational Speaker


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